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Follow your dream!

Dreaming of Alpacas?

Why not! Alpacas are fun and very rewarding. Your enjoyment is limited only by your time and imagination.

How can we help you?

Our aim is to share the enjoyment of owning alpacas with you.

With a large herd and breeding experience since 2004 we can ensure your start in alpacas is a rewarding and exciting one.

We specialise in breeding superfine huayaca alpacas in a range colours at Chambers Flat, Brisbane, Queensland and can help you with the following:


Alpacas make wonderful pets on acreage. You can choose from a range of ages and colours. You need to get two or more as they are herd animals. The more time you spend with them the friendlier they'll be.

Herd Guards

Adult alpacas (3+ years) are particularly good at guarding other livestock against foxes, crows and small dogs. How many you need will depend on the number of livestock you have and the area they're guarding. We have a number of wethers that would be suitable for Herd Guards in white and light fawn.

Breeding Females

Starting out or wanting to improve your herd? We have many females available with excellent pedigrees. We are very pleased with the progress in our herd with an average micron in 2007 under 20. All are registered with the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd.

Stud Males

We have available a selection of Supreme Champion stud males with excellent genetic backgrounds available for outside mating. Available in white and black.

How do I get started?

Please call Ann or Steve to arrange a visit to the farm. We can discuss your plans and requirements then design a package that meets your budget.

We can be reached on 07 5546 3971 or by email.

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